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What is the best location for your office in Bangkok?

Posted by stratacoltd on September 21, 2019
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Choosing the best location for your office in Bangkok is not easy. Bangkok is a large city with over 1500 square kilometers. In its recent development, many business areas have emerged.  Bangkok appears in several studies as one of the most congested cities in the world. Public transportation has improved over the last decades with the implementation of MRT and BTS systems, but extension is slow, and slower than the needs of the city. Choosing the right location for your office space is a top priority for the success of your business. It will impact your logistics, your human resources and it will be considered a key factor in your success.

Bangkok became the capital of Siam in 1782. During this time, economic development was dependent of the transportation along the Chao Praya river. Businesses and traders established locations along the river which, at that time, offered the best location for offices in Bangkok. Today we can still see some historical buildings reminiscent of this period.

In the last century, Bangkok center has moved from Yaowarat and Chinatown to Si Phraya, Surawong and Silom in the 1960s and 1970s and then to Sathorn, Lumphini, Phloen Chit and Sukhumvit in the last twenty years.

In the last two decades, the city center has not moved anymore since the BTS sky train system was completed in 1999 and the MRT underground train system was completed in 2004. The center may expand along mass transit lines as it is doing now in Ratchadapisek (new CBD) and new subcenters that will likely emerge, but the center shall remain the same: the best location for offices, best shopping centers, best hotels and best residences.

The different business areas:

BAngkok business area
Bangkok business Area

1/ Bangkok CBD:

The Central Business District of Bangkok consists of Siam, Nana, Asoke, Silom, Sathorn, early Rama IV, Chitlom and Ploen Chit Roads. According to our data, this area is the most heavily concentrated of the office supply with 49% of the current office spaces currently approximated at around 8.8 millions Sq.m.

We at Strata have identified a potential additional supply within 2025 in this area of more than 1 million Sq.m. CBD will continue to grow and include most of the office buildings in the future.

CBD area is easy to commute to with both BTS and MRT systems converging throughout this area. It includes Lumphini park and many high-class shopping malls, hotels and condominiums. This area is a must if prestige matters for your company. But this area may be difficult to access for your staff living in a sub urban area.

CBD is considered as the best location for your office in Bangkok.

Historical CBD a renowned location:

Sathorn and Silom areas are the oldest areas in CBD and represent nearly 23% of the total supply. Some buildings in this area tend to be older, but there are still new projects planned for the coming years which should launch a new dynamic around this area:

  • Silom Square area will be redeveloped by Minor Group in a mixed used project with up to 56000 Sq.m of office space
  • Supalai Icon on the former site of the Australia embassy will total 22,000 Sq.m
Supalai icon office
Supalai Icon
  • Kronos tower on north Sathorn will add 22,000 Sqm
  • Mega project at Dusit central park at the corner of Silom road and Rama IV (facing Lumphini park) will contribute 60,000 Sq.m to the office space market
Dusit central office
Dusit Central Park
Prestigious areas in CBD:

Currently, the most prestigious buildings are located in the Chitlom, Phloen Chit and Wireless road areas totaling approximately 800,000 Sq.m of office space and many modern buildings following the last international construction standards.

The future project One Bangkok will anchor CBD around this area with a mega mixed used project developed by property branches of Sirivadhanabhakdi family at the intersection of Wireless road and Rama IV. This project is the biggest ever planned in Bangkok and may add up to 477,000 Sq.m of office space in Bangkok. Other Developments under the same property group are under construction, other developments worth mentioning are two office projects along Rama IV: The Parq and Samyan Mitrtown just opened in September 2019.

Best location for your office in bangkok
One Bangkok
Easiest area for your commute:

At the intersection of BTS and MRT, Asoke is the easiest area to commute. This is a big advantage for your staff and to attract talents. A location in the heart of Bangkok may be big advantage for your company. There are currently approx. 800,000 Sq.m of offices in this area and not many new projects planned in the coming years. Some of the buildings in this area are old so it is not always easy to find available space in this area.

2/ New CBD

The Bangkok ‘new CBD’ area is located around the Rama IX and Ratchada areas. These two areas have been developed along the MRT line. It is easy to commute to this area using public transportation. Many big companies have chosen to establish offices in this area. Real estate prices are more affordable in this area too, with many residential condominiums targeting mid-urban class making it easier for your staff to live in this area. Some big projects have been developed and are planned near the Rama IX intersection.

3/ Outer CBD

We consider outer CBD area all the areas around CBD. We can identify the following sub-areas:

Phrom Phong / Tonglor / Ekkamai:

This area is more residential and has been developed in the recent years with many shopping malls and condominium projects. There are a few office buildings located in this area. We estimate around 350,000 Sq.m of office spaces available in this area. Companies establishing their offices in this area are looking for a vibrant and modern lifestyle that will likely attract young talent. This area is very appreciated by the Japanese community in Bangkok.


A lot of public companies and banks have chosen this location to set up their head office. The location is accessible by both BTS and MRT lines, making it a convenient commute. This area also offers access to parks and green spaces that are rare to find in Bangkok. These perks will be of benefit to people working in this area.


Offices in this area are conveniently located along the BTS Line between Siam and Mo Chit. Over 400,000 Sq.m of office spaces are located in this area and some future projects will extend the supply over 500,000 Sq.m.

Rama III

Offices located on Rama II road may offer businesses an easy access to Bangkok port. There is around 350,000 Sq.m of office space located in this area. What this area is lacking is public transportation, with no likely plans of development for MRT or BTS lines.


There are a few office buildings located on the other side of the Chao Praya River along south Sathorn road. With the extension of the BTS line, office location in this area may be a good option. It also offers an easy access to west Bangkok.

4/ East Bangkok

The East Bangkok area comprises the end of the Sukhumvit BTS line, Bang Na and Survanabhumi airport. Offices buildings in this area represent approximately 5% of the office supply in Bangkok. This area is developing fast since the construction of Survanabhumi airport. The extension of BTS lines is in progress to the sub urban city of Samut Prakan.

Companies who choose this area to establish their offices will have an easy access to east Thailand and to the industrial areas in Chonburi and Rayong with the express way.

The Eastern Economic Corridor is emphasizing the interest of this area and some developers are planning large office projects like The FORESTIAS by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited.

In addition, another interesting project is True Digital Park near Punawithi BTS. This development is a modern project with a lot of facilities aiming to create a hub for technology companies.

office in Bangkok True digital Park
True Digital Park

With all of these projects in east Bangkok, there will likely be an increasing interest in this area for office and business locations in the near future.

5/ North Bangkok

North Bangkok comprises the sub urban city of Nonthaburi and area around Dong Muang airport. Many office buildings have been built in this area and we estimate that approximately 10% of Bangkok office spaces are located in these areas:

  • Chaeng Wattana which comprises a lot of government office complexes
  • Muang Tong Thani around the exhibition center
  • Along Vibhavadi-Rangsit road connecting Bangkok city center to North Bangkok

This area was mainly developed during the 80’s and 90’s when Don Muang airport was the main airport of Thailand. Since the construction of Suvarnabhumi airport and the 1997 financial crisis, this area has suffered with a lot of incomplete projects. Muang Thong Thani is the best example with a lot of empty towers that have stayed vacant for decades, but in recent years we have seen new interest in this area with many government offices establishing offices in this area and with new facilities built and developed around the Muang Tong Thani exhibition Center.

Companies associated with government agencies may choose to set up in this area. Companies that need access to North Bangkok industrial estate, or companies looking for an easy access to Ayuthaya and north of Bangkok industrial estate might also find this area interesting.

To conclude, choosing the best location for your office in Bangkok will mainly depend on your activity, size, and human resources. The City center will offer more prestige and lifestyle options while choosing a location in the suburbs may be more convenient for some businesses. For more information do not hesitate to contact our team.

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